The Possibility Mindset

Re-Shape Your Mindset to Redesign Your Life

How do you redesign your career or life when faced with relentless change and challenge, or when you “just know” deep down that you want to reinvent yourself?  

In this engaging and interactive presentation, Vic Beaudet explores the power of the Possibility Mindset to help people get on the path of new growth, learning and fulfillment.  Vic shares insights and stories to show how career and life redesign is possible if we’re willing to make changes within ourselves that re-shape how we view our world and choose our actions.  

Vic brings together the latest perspectives on mindset to show you how to take charge of change, challenge and transition.  He also offers practical, hands-on tips you can use right away.  You will learn:

  • Why many of us are stuck in a limitation mindset that stops us from taking action
  • How we can create a Possibility Mindset that opens us to new opportunities
  • How our stories, language and questions can help us – or hurt us
  • How to fuel the energy we need to make and sustain changes and transitions 

Vic Beaudet is a career, executive and life coach who works with experienced business executives and professionals who are dealing with change, challenge and transition in their work and personal lives.

Vic is formally trained as a coach, having completed the 77-hour Core Essentials curriculum of Coach University, one of the most established coach training programs in the world. Coach University’s training programs are accepted for certification by the International Coach Federation. 

Vic is principal of Vic Beaudet Career & Life Coaching LLC and is based in Montclair, New Jersey.  He  partners with clients both in-person and by phone across the U.S.  Vic’s coaching focuses on career growth, executive development,  skill-building, career and life transitions, work/life balance and stress reduction. Clients working with Vic can expect a strong commitment to developing precise goals, powerful beliefs, disciplined habits and aggressive action plans to help them advance more rapidly than they might on their own.  

Before transitioning to coaching, Vic built a successful 30+ year business career in corporate communications and public relations on both the corporate side and at prominent communications consulting agencies. 

At Avon Products, Inc , Vic rose up the ladder to become Vice President, Corporate Communications, where he led external and internal communications for the Fortune 300 global company. Change and challenge were constant as he counseled CEOs and worked closely with C-suite or other senior executives.

Vic also planned global communications strategy and messaging and led global teams to execute the plans in more than 40 countries. In addition, he created crisis communications response plans, hired professional staff, grew talent and mentored associates to advance their careers. 

After Avon, Vic was Managing Director at Marina Maher Communications, where he led an agency task force to implement a revitalized mentoring program serving mid-level and junior staff. He also served consumer clients with senior executive speech writing, communications strategy and counsel, and crisis response.  

Vic’s communications career started on the agency side, where he served at the following well-known agencies:  Morgen-Walke Associates (investor and financial relations);  Manning, Selvage & Lee (corporate/financial and B2B communications); and Ketchum (consumer and B2B communications).

Vic’s personal interests include continuing study in coaching and personal development, yoga and meditation, surfing and fitness, and acoustic guitar.

Take Charge of Change to Create More Success